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Seeking help for hair problems from cancer treatment, the team at Jacqui R have, over the past year, used their extensive expertise to restore my hair to its natural condition. In addition to their hairdressing skills, they are friendly and welcoming and it is always a pleasure to go there.

Susan B January 26, 2015

Jacqui R is an excellent hairdressers, with friendly and very well qualified staff. Always welcoming, they listen to your requests and then advise whether the style/colour you ask for will actually work with your hair!

Every time you leave, you feel 100% better, even if you have only had a small trim - effectively a makeover every time, you cannot fail to be impressed. I’ve been with Jacqui for about 15 years, following from her previous firm to her own establishment. Even when I had to take my glasses off for a cut and couldn’t see what was going on, I trusted Jacqui to perform miracles with my rather awkward and thick fine mop of hair and she always came up trumps! Even if you only want a wash & blow dry, Jacqui & her staff can easily blow-dry hair straight (rather than a lot of hairdressers these days who rely on straighteners – what’s the point of that when I can do it myself at home?!)

And the best bit... a glass (or two) of wine at every appointment, biscuits, pop corn or nibbles – especially fun at Christmas time!

Dawn, Benefits Analyst January 26, 2015

Pink nails to combat road rage!

Thank you for a lovely hour yesterday - both calming and invigorating.  I am always happier after Jacqui has worked her magic on my hair but the pink nails are a lovely bonus.  I managed to catch my train OK but the drive home was another transport nightmare.  So I just sat in the traffic jam admiring my pink nails as they rested on the steering wheel and smiling rather a lot.  It made a welcome change from abusing other drivers (in my head) and just sitting there hating the M25,

Thank you all for a very good hour in the middle of a rather over-filled day.

Margery Hyde February 25, 2016

Finding a good salon is like trying to find a good wine but once you have its yours for life. Jacqui R fits this description, the staff are professional, the atmosphere friendly and welcoming and the service outstanding and my hair is great too!

Suzanne, IT October 6, 2014

This is an absolute gem of a salon. Jacqui and Louise create a warm and friendly environment for you to sit and enjoy being pampered - I am always 100% satisfied with the results, and highly recommend them.

Nia (Relationship Manager) February 11, 2015

My hair still looks good following my appointment with you last Thursday! So thank you very much again for fitting me in.

Susan Bunn February 25, 2016

Fantastic shellac manicure today - great attention to detail!  My nails look great.

Claire Tappenden February 25, 2016

'After my first appointment with Jacqui, I returned to my work colleagues who were overwhelmed as to how much smarter and younger I looked. Business and personal life improved wonderfully. How do you put a value on that?!'

Peter, Management Consultant October 6, 2014

I can't recommend her skills highly enough! Their style and aftercare advice is second to none and they have a wide range of products to make it easier to reproduce and care for your style at home.

Cathy, Lawyer October 6, 2014

It's been about 6 weeks since you dyed my hair and I should have emailed sooner but..... I love it!

There was early success when no-one noticed it had been dyed, even my other half who talked to me for around 30 minutes before saying 'oh hair!'

One very observant lady at work said my hair was looking lighter, when I 'fessed up she said you must be a hair genius!

Jenny Skelton February 25, 2016

Jacqui Rowley is in the same league as any of the big names in hairdressing. Her wealth of experience shows in every client’s hair; from the ideal colour for your skin tone, to the best conditioning treatments available and guidance on which style is perfect for you. I’ve always had brilliant hair cuts from Jacqui.

Vanessa, Canary Wharf October 6, 2014